Entrepreneurial success is a mathematical formula

Great Results

Go To Market Time Increase
New Customers
Conversion Rate
Funded Projects
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Business Model Validation

Pangea educates its clients to adopt a customer-centric agile building methodology. Assisting the business in bringing in paying customers at early stages builds advocates and provides a litmus test for the business model at every stage of growth.

Small Business Expertise

Pangea’s consultants have expertise that come from a plethora of backgrounds to assist clients and all their needs. Some of the most notable areas of specialties are Valuation and Financial Modeling, Marketing and Aggressive Customer Acquisition, UX/UI, Design and Mobile/Web Programming.

Deep Rooted Networks

Our combined networks cover a wide range of people within companies at different levels of business and over a broad reaching base of industries. For our clients, we provide introductions and bring in the most intelligent and most relevant connections to assist in mutually shared growth.

Funding Strategy

Pangea infuses a proprietary mathematical based entrepreneurial framework for business growth developed by our founders that increases our client’s rate and potential of business success. By introducing savvy investors from an early stage, clients can spend time focusing on building the business model.